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Written by on September 12, 2020

The members of the Batavia city police advisory group have been announced.  This 18 member group was mandated by an executive order from Governor Andrew Cuomo as part of his police reform initiatives.  The group includes the interim city manager and members of the city council as well as representatives from community groups, churches, legal representatives and police.  The goal of the group is to open dialogue about how the police can be made more effective and work more closely with and develop better ties with the community.  Leroy and Corfu police departments are set to discuss creating an advisory group in upcoming board meetings.

Covid update: Genesee county had no new cases and 3 people recovered.  Orleans County has no new cases.  There are 12 new people on travel quarantine in Genesee county and 6 in Orleans.  There are 4 active cases in Genesee county and 6 in Orleans.

With mask mandates across all of New York state for entering buildings and going to work one area was apparently exempt, New York City mass transit.  The area of the state that had the most cases of COVID 19 and the most deaths was allowing riders on subways, trains and busses to go unmasked but that is going to change on Monday.  There will now be a 50 dollar fine if riders refuse to mask up on the MTA.  Governor Cuomo has said that the MTA is very safe, most people were masking anyway and they are disinfecting the vehicles and cars once a day.

With Williamsville central school district suffering a mass resignation of teachers and staff over coronavirus fears the school district decided to move to a 100 percent online educating format for grades 5-12. This move did not sit well with parents and dozens gathered outside the office of the school to protest on Thursday and Friday.  They want the schools to at least allow students in class two days a week. Superintendent John Mckenna says that they just don’t have the staff right now and that the current plan is for 5 and 6th graders to be back in school in November and 7-12th graders to be back in January.

State health department commissioner Howard Zucker has said that the state is considering making getting a flu shot mandatory for all students to help make the flu season smaller especially with COVID 19 still going around.  Massachusetts already requires all students to roll up their sleeves for the shot.  Zucker says they are trying to make sure they don’t disenfranchise anyone who doesn’t want to get a flu shot.

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