Attica Police report Geek Squad Scam

Written by on January 23, 2018

Press Release:

Date of Incident: 01-20-2018  Time of Incident: 8:30 am
Today’s Date: 01-23-2018
Location: Attica NY


Incident Description: Over the weekend an attempted scam of an elderly resident was avoided due to the quick actions of the resident and the Attica Branch of Key Bank.

The resident received a call from a reported representative of the well-known and respected internet based computer service company of GEEK SQUAD. The resident had utilized and signed up for services from GEEK SQUAD and had an account. The caller, identified himself as “Mark” with an Indian/Hindu accent advised that the resident could get a $300.00 refund due to an error on his last contact with GEEK SQUAD. The caller requested access to the victims computer and to update his account information. This was allowed due to the victim had an active account. At this time the caller requested the victim to check his bank account to see if the $300.00 had been deposited, upon checking the victim found a $3000.00 deposit. When the victim advised of the error the caller told the victim that a terrible mistake had occurred which needs to be corrected immediately or else the caller could lose his job. The caller wanted the victim to take $2700.00 out of his checking account and purchase the identical amount of gift cards from a retail store.

The Victim being alert to possible scams advised the caller he would have to check with his bank before doing anything. The caller attempted to convince the victim that would not be necessary and needed to immediately purchase the gift cards. The victim, not being persuaded contacted his bank on Monday to find that once the caller obtained access to is computer, obtained his banking information and account numbers, then transferred $2000.00 from the victims savings account to the checking account. This was an attempt to lead the victim to believe he had excess funds in his checking account. The victim with the assistance of the employees at the Attica Branch of Key Bank has since closed all his accounts and avoided a financial disaster. The victim who lives on his monthly social security would have been financially wiped out.

If contacted by any company who you have had previous contact with does not mean that the caller is legit representative. Be always suspicious and alert if they ask for financial information, request information to “update” account information they should already have and NEVER allow anyone remote access to your personal computer without a high degree of confirmation and trust. If any doubt/suspicion is perceived terminate the request and make contact with that entity from the contact information you have when you set up an account to confirm the call.

ALWAYS be alert and question everything. Even when you think you have the right information check again. Protect yourself, your family and your hard earned financial future.

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