Evening News Brief

Written by on January 26, 2021

County Legislators across New York state are calling on Governor Cuomo to allow the counties to take charge of how they distribute the COVID vaccines.  The Genesee Orleans County Health department has said that there are more than enough sites and people to get the shots into peoples arms but the state is not allowing the counties to use systems they already had in place for this kind of rollout.  Cuomo’s spokesperson said that the slow rollout is entirely Trump’s fault and that county legislators are taking “cheap shots from cheap seats.”

Governor Cuomo announced that he is sending 542 more national guard to Washington DC for Capitol security.  The 1300 troops sent in for inauguration week are to come home and the new troops will rotate in in their place.  The governor said this is a new mission to strengthen security requested from the Secretary of the Army and the Chief of the National Guard Bureau.

COVID Update: Since Friday Genesee county has 67 new cases and 130 people have recovered.  24 people remain hospitalized.  4 of the new cases are in the VA Medical Center.  Orleans county has 33 new cases and 66 people have recovered.  There are 167 active cases in Genesee county and 134 in Orleans.

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