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Written by on October 7, 2022

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According to the new gun control law in New York, in order for someone who has completed the process of acquiring a concealed carry license to take their concealed gun into any private business that business needs to explicitly tell them that it is allowed.  Attica Mayor Nathan Montford wants to make this easier by giving out signs for businesses to post in their windows.  He paid for and commissioned the signs which say “Lawful concealed carry permitted on these premises” at his own expense and initiative.  All counties in the GLOW region have decided to send resolutions protesting the new gun laws as unconstitutional to Governor Hochul.  Other signs like these ones are being handed out by sheriffs and private gun organizations across the state.

The city of Rochester has agreed to pay the children of Daniel Prude, the man who died of a drug overdose and excited delirium while in police custody in March of 2020, and whose death was covered up by order of former Mayor Lovely Warren and lead to the resignation and then firing of Police Chief L’Ron Singletary, 12 million dollars.  Mayor Malik Evans says the decision to settle for 12 million dollars is saving the city money from a prolonged litigation.  The settlement money, minus lawyers’ fees and costs, will go to Prude’s five children, who are heirs to the estate, attorneys said.

A Syracuse judge has issued a temporary restraining order against the New York gun control laws put in place recently.  The judge says the laws are unconstitutional.  Specifically they said that the state can’t enforce requirements that a gun license applicant turn over 3 years of social media.  They also reduced the list of locations deemed sensitive where carrying a gun is a felony.  The state attorney general’s office says they will appeal the decision.

RG and E and NYSEG are putting out recommendations for how to lower your gas and electric costs this winter.  They say that electric customers should expect to pay at least 12 dollars more a month and gas customers should be ready for at least a 47 dollar month increase.  In order to keep costs down homeowners can take some steps to lower their heating bills.  Set thermostats below 68 degrees during the day and down to at least 58 when you are away from home.  Clean or replace furnace filters.  Have your registers blow across the floor instead of towards the ceiling.  Use blinds and curtains to keep heat in.  Turn off lights when not in the room.  And lastly turn down the water heater to 120 degrees to cut water heating bills.  

County Highway Superintendent Tim Hens says he thinks the Wings Over Batavia air show will cost about 12,700 dollars.  That total would be for county Sheriff’s Office deputies and Emergency Management Services staff to provide security, traffic and crowd control. The breakdown was estimated to be $5,400 for offsite traffic control; $2,055 for EMS presence; and $5,250 for pre-show preparations by highway and facilities maintenance staff.  Hens says that, although a profit would be ideal, breaking even would be fine too.  His main hope is that people who come to the airshow would go shopping in Batavia and nearby towns and sales tax would make back the cost and more.  The County Legislator is set to vote on approval for the Airshow later this month.  

Buffalo Zoo has announced some new Bison as the newest residents.  The zoo welcomed three new female American Plains bison to the facility earlier this week. They were born a little over a year ago.  The Buffalo Zoo said in a Facebook post that the bison came to Buffalo from The Wilds, a safari park outside of Columbus, Ohio.  The zoo says they plan to keep the new bison separate from 29-year-old bison, Wilma, as introductions continue.  Names and more information about the bison will be released in the near future.

After playing their last two games on the road, the Buffalo Bills are going to be back in front of their home crowd on Sunday.  The Bills are set to host the Pittsburgh Steelers at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park.  Buffalo is coming off a 23 to 20 victory over the Baltimore Ravens last week in a contest that saw the team score 20 unanswered points.  The Bills have a record this season of three wins and one loss and are in second place in the AFC East.  Kickoff for Sunday’s game is set for one pm.

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