Officials in Elba are working to address traffic and crossing guard complaints

Written by on January 17, 2019

WBTA received complaint from a listener that the Village of Elba, who previously employed a crossing guard at the Elba School drop off point on Route 98, has left the position vacant ever since the return of students from Christmas break.

The Village’s long-time crossing guard retired in November and Elba’s lone public works employee was covering the position from November to December, however they are unable to continue covering the before and after school shifts.

Village Mayor Norman Itjen…

The Mayor said that the Elba School provides busing to every student in the village and much of the traffic issues that he has been made aware of seem to stem from a congestion of cars from parents dropping their children off at school.

Itjen also said that the previous crossing guard would additionally conduct traffic, which was not under their authority and was ultimately a liability for the Village if they happened to cause any accidents.

He continued to say officials may look into adding new signage indicating a crosswalk, however a similar idea was attempted several years ago and the expensive crosswalk signs were stolen.

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  1. Norman T Itjen   On   January 18, 2019 at 3:59 pm

    Alex, wanted let you know we had a good meeting with school Superintendant Ned Dale. And should have a reasonable solution for everyone next week. Unfortunatley as I stated yesturday there is nothing we can in regards to directing traffic. The School was advised by a member of the Sheriff’s Office that a crossing can’t direct traffic. I also discussed with Superintendent Dale using crosswalk signs, which might alos be used during some after school activies. These signs can run $300 to $500, the Village had two of these but both have been stolen.

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